Eric Pulier’s Amazing Journey to success

Mr. Pulier is a renowned American businessman, author, technologist, philanthropist, public speaker and family man. He has established over 15 successful companies, selling his latest for $350 million. He is the proud owner of a beautiful restaurant in Santa Monica, which is attached to his nightclub. Eric’s ability to make diamonds from coal started way back when he was just a young boy. He was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey where he had his elementary education, and exposed his brilliance in fourth grade when he started programming computers. He had already started his own database computer company by the time he finished high school in 1984. Eric advanced his studies at Harvard University where he majored in English and Literature, and wrote the Harvard Crimson, the school’s daily newspaper. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue other careers.

Pulier’s computer program included several competitions and prizes for people who were willing to work themselves to their fullest potential. His aim was to help teens and children who did not have financial ability to achieve their dreams. He did not end his love story with needy children there; he started a camp for children with chronic illnesses named ‘Painted Turtle’. Being the Vice President of cloud operations, Eric has generously donated time and money to see children who have special medical needs enjoying idyllic summer experience. His work with Star Bright World has seen him put money and profound technical skills to help in making a specialized social media stage for children with chronic illnesses. Through this, children can meet with others in similar conditions and interact with them, probably drawing a little inspiration.

Another memorable accomplishment for Eric Pulier was Akana. He initialized the project SOA software and got several SOA vendors under the brand in 2000. This was later sold ‘Rogue Wave Software’ after growing it to become an outstanding suite of SOA solutions. His success in publishing is well known. His book, Understanding Enterprise SOA, is highly rated for its easy to read approach, relevance and in depth insight. He also boasts of writing for Forbes.


How Adam Milstein Helped Hager Pacific Properties Become a Billion Dollar Real Estate Firm

Adam Milstein discovered early in his career that it requires money, time, and dedication to a real purpose in life to truly become successful. He selected a promising career in real estate as a commercial broker in college while pursuing a master’s degree, in the U.S. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

When he came to the States from Israel, his birthplace he had one mission, to become an entrepreneur without knowing exactly how he was going to accomplish it. It wasn’t easy for him to find a job while attending grad school, but, within three years working as a commercial real estate broker, he was prepared to become an investor.

What really led to the success of Adam Milstein is a life-changing suggestion from Milstein’s manager at his first job. His manager at the time encouraged him to approach David Hager, an Israeli investor and multi-millionaire about investment opportunities.

After finding the courage to speak with Mr. Hager, he was given a job as a sales agent. Milstein convinced Hager to introduce a 50–50 partnership entity and became an investor with firm.

Last year, in December 2016 he told Ideamensh the only failure he experienced throughout his career is making the mistake of not diversifying his investments.

He did what most investors do the first time of investing into the real estate markets. According to Jewish Journals, to make enormous profits in the commercial real estate industry, Adam Milstein realized by a hard lesson that property investments must be long term.

He believed that the short way would make him very wealthy, which wasn’t the best decision he made.

Adam Milstein is managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties and manages operations at the San Fernando Valley Office. He oversees property management of commercial properties, disposition, and financing. Mr. Milstein and his partners collectively manage approximately 110 properties valued at over $1 billion, in the United States.

Many years ago, Milstein didn’t know he would be a multi-millionaire with the mentorship of David Hager. During the Ideamensh interview, he acknowledged Mr. Hager for having an influence in his life and career.

Bruno Fagali is an All-around Law Professional

Bruno Fagali is a respected lawyer from Brazil. He is the creator of a renowned law firm known as Fagali Law Company. Bruno Fagali studied law at the Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo. He majored in the fields of anti-corruption, state law, and administrative law. Bruno Fagali has earned the loyalty of his clients due to his unmatched experience in public law, compliance, electoral, and anti-corruption issues.

Fagali Law Company in Brief

The main offices of Fagali Law Company are in Avenida Paulista, Brazil. The company is dedicated to the development, execution, and running of public law and compliance systems. The firm has seasoned lawyers who have an excellent record of handling litigation cases and offering advisory services. Some of the key contracted topics range from administrative improbity, public service, administrative contracts, expropriation to issues involving professional council and courts of accounts.

Career History

Before obtaining a license to practice law, Bruno Fagali served as an intern in three successful law companies. Fagali began his law career at Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns in 2006. He handled several civil procedural cases involving issues such as family law and domestic violence for one year. Bruno completed his next three years of internship at Manesco & Marques Law Firm and ToJal & Renault Associados. The internship program sharpened his mastery of public advisory law with a particular focus on administrative process and regulatory law.

Bruno Fagali became a fully licensed lawyer in 2012 and joined Radi, Calil e Associados. He worked for this company for a span of two years and handled public civil action, contracts, and administrative appeals. Fagali made a name for himself for his exceptional litigation abilities.

Corporate Strategy Manager

Bruno Fagali is the corporate integrity manager of a leading ad agency called New/ Sb. The agency earns its revenue majorly from government contracts. Fagali is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the corporate integrity program for the company.



Lime Crime: The Secret To Doe Deere’s Success

When Doe Deere created her cosmetics line Lime Crime in 2008, she wanted to send the message to beauty consumers that makeup should be about unapologetic self-expression rather than hiding flaws and imperfections. That’s why Lime Crime products are formulated with intense pigmentation and come in shades of outrageous neon pastels.


Deere, born in Russia but raised in New York City, started experimenting with bright and colorful makeup when she was just a little girl sitting at her mother’s vanity. From an early age, Deere was devoted to her own unique aesthetic of bold color statements and attention-grabbing textures.


When Deere launched Lime Crime, her products were the embodiment of her lifelong aesthetic of whimsical and colorful self-expression. She built her brand to cater to millennials who felt the need to fearlessly experiment with makeup and didn’t want to stick to current trends and fleeting fads.


Today, her company brings in enormous revenue and her social media followers are in the millions. Lime Crime products are so coveted by makeup lovers that Urban Outfitters stocked the brand’s signature lipsticks on its shelves.


Deere’s entrepreneurial intuition has been the secret to her success all along. Before starting a makeup line, Deere sold her DIY fashion creations on eBay in 2004. Today, her sense of business savvy has ensured that she makes each decision using her gut instincts.


Deere’s unique approach to makeup has earned the company countless loyal customers who purchase new Lime Crime products as soon as they hit the brand’s e-commerce website. Because the brand’s aesthetic is so unique, Deere can easy formulate each new product with her customers’ needs in mind.


Before a new product is launched, Deere tests it on herself first. She won’t allow a single product to hit her store until she knows that it is true to her own creative vision.


She also credits the success of her company with her insistence on creating a positive work environment for her employees. Lime Crime is all about having fun, and therefore her employees should look forward to coming to work each day. Instead of dictating orders to her staff, she treats each employee with respect and listens to their needs.


If one thing is certain, it’s that Deere has created a beauty empire by trusting her own aesthetic instincts. Lime Crime continues to sell out products and beauty bloggers can’t wait to get their hands on whatever exciting new lipstick or eyeshadow Deere is going to come up with next.


What The OSI Group Has Been Able To Accomplish

Located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is viewed as a premier supplier of meat processors that service both the food service industries and retail brands. According to many, OSI supplies custom value-added products to some of the world’s leading food retailer brands and industries. Some of these commodities include hot dogs, pizza, poultry, fish, meat patties and vegetable products. The company has worked together with some of the world’s leading food providers to offer concept-to-table alternatives that are seen to delight consumers worldwide.

What makes the OSI group be in a position to offer great ability to produce, distribute and source solutions is the financial and infrastructural resources available. At the center of the company, is the entrepreneurial agility and passion that brings the customers and the company’s employees together, turning ideas into success.

With the help of the extensive capabilities the OSI group can reach, they have been in a position of delivering food products that fit any operation and contribute to maximizing the opportunities present. These capabilities include a global supply chain management from the sourcing stage to processing and later distribution. With this, OSI can offer;

• Efficient supply chain expertise
• Food solutions depending on your specifications
• Assurance practice in unsurpassed food safety practices.
• Innovative designs that help in facilitating your meal ideas into reality.
• Commitment to sustain their extensive network

OSI core values and where it operates

OSI group operates in more than fifteen countries with around sixty facilities and more than twenty thousand employees. With such a committed workforce, OSI is focused on making quality food products and support in the global operations with consistency. The OSI group is governed by core values that help them in ensuring their customers get quality experience anywhere in the world.

Some of these core values that guide the group include;
• Integrity
• Working as a team and not individually
• Partnering relationships with other industries
• Exploring innovative solutions
• Striving to improve at all times and continuously
• Always doing what is best for the group.
With having these values, the OSI can offer quality service in ensuring all their customers are happy. All the employees are aware of these values, and they work hand in hand to ensure the OSI group becomes better than they found it. They view each other as a family, not a fellow workmate which pushes them to greater limits.

Dilemma of Wikipedia Editors in Deciding Whether Obama Is Still the President Moments before Trump Inauguration and Benefits of Wikipedia

On the morning of January 20, 2016, Wikipedia editors were not sure who to name the US president. The updates oscillated between President Obama and President Trump depending on the political affiliations of the source of information. The crowd still recognizing Barrack as the president until Trump inauguration sent information to the editors of their stand. Likewise, Trump supporters edited the crowd-sourced encyclopedia to show that Donald Trump was the president. The crowd supporting Obama argued that he was still the head of state until he handed over power officially to the president-elect that noon. Besides, the pro-Trump editors updated that he had become the president by 12.01 A.M.

Notably, Wikipedia acquires information from the encyclopedia. The members of the public can edit some of the information available in these pages. Some of the information put on the encyclopedia by the crowd was unauthentic and unreliable. This reason made it difficult for the Wikipedia editors to update their pages about the US president on an inaugural morning. However, the editors of Wikipedia had to rely on protected pages that cannot be manipulated by public.

Wikipedia is an online site that you can use to promote your business as well as yourself. The tool is an open source that does not rely on content writers while creating their posts.

It is imperative that you upload your business, brand or your name on Wikipedia to start enjoying the following benefits.

1. A more visible brand on online search engines like Google. Notably, Wikipedia content appears among the top five results after searching thus increasing the chances of the public seeing your profile and your business details.
2. Opportunity to update your profile constantly as well as your business particulars on a regular basis.
3. Placing your business on Wikipedia will result in more sales. Wikipedia acts as a platform for advertising your enterprise.
4. Your personal brand and business will become prestigious, trustworthy and very authentic when you put them on Wikipedia.

It is very easy to create a Wiki page for your business or brand on Wikipedia. To succeed, ensure that your business is famous and someone has written and posted various articles about your enterprise online. After formulating a Wikipedia account, find content based articles talking about your firm or your personal brand. The information should be accessible on the internet. Having all these in place implies you are ready to create your wiki posts.

Norman Pattiz Brings in a New Podcast that Will Spook You

Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chair of PodcastOne announced the addition of a new Podcast show, Beyond the Darkness, which will be featured in the Jericho Network collection. This show is bound to be both scary and entertaining as it explores one of the most feared topics in life, the paranormal activity.


Already leading one of America’s largest radio networks, Norman Pattiz is with no doubt a master of establishing trends with radio topics that draw in thousands of listeners. Who wouldn’t want to know about the unseen world of paranormal? Superstitious or not, we all wouldn’t mind getting a slight glimpse into the world of aliens, ghouls, demons, ghosts and monsters.


Humans have a natural curiosity to explore the unexplained, a revelation Norman Pattiz is heavily capitalizing on. He strategically adds this new Podcast show into the Jericho Collection, a network under his PodcastOne umbrella that is headed by the former WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho. Since establishing the Jericho Collection, Chris has managed to push the daily topics beyond wrestling to include comedic acts that kept his listeners entertained. By adding Beyond the Darkness to his list of shows, he is taking on a fresh direction that will definitely keep the loyal listeners whilst bringing in newcomers.


To make the show authentic, Norman Pattiz calls the expertise of Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader to host the show. Tim and Dave come from a strong background of hosting shows touching on the paranormal, and they already have built a large crowd of tuned in listeners. By using a popular network platform owned by Christ and calling in a duo that are kings of the paranormal broadcast network, this new show is bound to surpass many rival podcast networks with the command of this new subject matter.


The Beyond the Darkness show will take a fresh approach on this bizarre and rarely talked about topic, bringing in experts and real witnesses to give their own personal accounts. Norman aims to make the show as authentic as possible while raising the hairs of his audience by giving insights into a world beyond our normal gaze.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the current executive chair of PodcastOne and Launchpad Digital Media. Previously, Norman founded WestWoodOne which is the largest radio network provider of sports, news, entertainment, reality talk shows as well as traffic programming in the broadcast industry. WestWood One managed popular networks like CBS News, NFL Football, CNN Radio, NCAA Basketball, the Mutual Broadcasting System to mention a few.


Norman Pattiz has also served in the USA Broadcasting Board of Governors both under former US presidents Clinton and Bush. This broadcast board is responsible for overseeing all radio services that are nonmilitary and based in the US.

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Newest Jericho Network Program Gets Norman Pattiz’s Nod to Go on Air

We are once again in for another thrilling paranormal masterpiece tag “Beyond the Darkness” courtesy of Jericho Network Program, a subsidiary of PodcastOne. The launch of this new program was made public by Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. This is not the first time PodcastOne and its subsidiaries are putting up great shows. In fact, PodcastOne is now, indisputably, the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in America.


You can catch all the fun on WWW star Chris Jericho’s podcast network. Chris contribution in this new program is enormous. He seems to have all the answers. Norman Pattiz could not hide his admiration: “Chris has distinguished himself as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network.” Pattiz continued, “When he started The Jericho Network collection, we knew it would evolve beyond wrestling. He’s delivered comedians and now takes us into the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness.”


Anyone watching this new program must be ready for breathtaking suspense, or what else would you expect in a show featuring world-renowned experiencers and researchers. The conversations are highly entertaining and enlightening. You are sure to see another awe-inspiring side of angels, aliens, ghosts, ghouls, demons, monster encounters, mysteries and miracles.


Your hosts are no new names in the industry.Dave Schrader is a radio host of great repute while Tim Dennis is an accomplished radio producer, so you will be in good hands while the show last. All the actions, episode by episode, will be there for you every Monday on or on the PodcastOne app and iTunes.



About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz remains one the great minds in America’s broadcast industry. He showed the stuff he is made of when he founded PodcastOne. Today it is the leading advertiser-supported podcast network in the country. Almost all the great hosts in the industry are associated with PodcastOne, talk of Chris Jericho, Jay Mohr, Dr. Drew, Barstool Sports and Adam Carolla to mention but a few.


His exploit while at Westwood One caught the attention of many. Norman did not only found the organization, he was also instrumental in its becoming the nation’s largest radio network within a short space of time. The broadcast industry then depended largely on Westwood One for quality news, sports and entertainment under the leadership of Pattiz.


Even in the political circles, Pattiz was well appreciation. He was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America during the tenures of Presidents Clinton and Bush.

Learn more:

Refinance your car loan with Ignition Financials

Owning a car is a great thing. The problem arises when you try to repay the auto loan. Many people are faced with the dilemma of financing their car loans considering the fact that there are other bills pending. If you are tired of the monthly payments, there is a solution for you. Simply refinance your car.



Refinance you ask? Yes. Refinancing is the act of paying off your auto loan with another loan. By doing this, you will be able to not only lower your monthly payments but also your interest rates. The bad news with this is that you will have to change your service provider. The good news is; Ignition Financial is here to help.



When is the best time to refinance your auto loans?



Before you contact Ignition financials, you need to determine if you are eligible for refinancing in the first place. You can look for refinancing if your credit history has improved since you got the first auto loan. If your credit has substantially improved, your interest rates will go down. It is best to seek for refinancing at this time because you will get lower interest rates.



You may also consider seeking a refinancing loan if your finances have improved over a period for example if you got a promotion at work. When you want to slash your payments, you will get a short term loan. Likewise, if you have suffered a financial setback, you may also consider applying for a refinance loan.



It is not advisable for you to seek to refinance if you have any pre- payments penalty. Keep in mind that even though you may get a short term loan, in the end, you will end up extending the loan term. You need to be therefore sure that you want to refinance your loan.






What benefits will I get when I slash my payments?



« When you refinance, you will be able to lower your monthly payments.



« You will get lower your monthly rates especially if your credit score has improved



« You will be able to change your loan duration. You may choose to have a shorter loan period or a longer one. However, a longer loan period may lead to you paying a higher amount of money in the end.



Ignition financials



They are a team of financial experts who will help you in choosing a suitable loan financing option. There are different options available that you can choose from. That is why when you apply you are given a loan advisor who will be able to guide you through the process of getting a loan. You must, of course, provide the required information and documents for your loan to be processed.



The company works with different bank partners and therefore your advisor will be able to search around for the best rates. You can complete your application through the online process which does not cost you anything or via the FedEx.


Fabletics Physical Locations As A Branch of Brand Experience

Fabletics is opening new physical stores, and in a world where long standing physical stores are losing to online shopping it begs the question, “how are they doing it?”. How is Fabletics succeeding in their brick and mortar store locations when the rest of the brick and mortar retail world is struggling to stay afloat? The answer lies in their approach, and their entire model of business. It is not just a superior product at a good price that is bringing in the customers. Staying with the times, and working their approach based on the newest shopping trends and data science has allowed Fabletics to build a reputable reputation with their current customers, who are their primary customer in the physical locations.


Many stores rely on walk ins to come into the store and make a purchase, and they figure that the customers will just come back when they want some more of the product they walked away with the first time. This is not enough anymore to have a successful business, because customers are finding the same products for a better price online. Often times, they are using the physical location of a store to try on a product and assess the look and feel of it before they turn around and look for a better priced product online. This “showrooming technique” is being met by Fabletics with the “reverse showrooming technique”.


Fabletics offers a superior product at a lower value, but they are bringing in and keeping their customers with the service they offer as a part of their brand. A $50 monthly commitment buys the customer a VIP service, where a stylist picks out the outfits offered as a suggestion each month based on the customer’s workouts and personal style. This narrowed down selection of outfits delivered to her account works as a personal styling service, and she gets more for her $50 each month than she does at a comparable fashion athletic spot.


The typical customer coming in to the stores are already members of the Fabletics VIP membership. They like what they have as a VIP member and are coming into the store to experience a new and exciting branch of the brand experience. For walk ins coming into the store, they learn about the membership while shopping and can sign up right in store after being walked through the benefits of membership.


The physical location stores are filled with product that appeals to the customer in that specific location. Fabletics is able to offer this custom tailored selection of products based on data pulled from the website. The stores offer “athleisure” apparel and run tests for new product that is not offered on the website. By offering just the products that specific customer will like it improves the customer’s shopping experience and increases sales for Fabletics. This reverse showroom technique is bringing in the customers already familiar with Fabletics and is giving them more of what they want, and is succeeding in customer satisfaction.