Why Eric Pulier Is a Popular Business Man and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is a renowned business man, philanthropist and author. Currently based in The US, Pulier is also a successful innovator who has helped establish various businesses. Some of the businesses and companies established by Pulier have helped solve major problems across the globe. Owing to his many accomplishments, he has earned himself numerous recognition and awards. A considerable number of the companies that have been funded by the popular venture capital groups are ether co-founded of entirely established by Eric Pulier, including Enterprise Professional Services (US Interactive), rich media presentation, service oriented infrastructure and virtual desktops (Desktone).

Pulier’s Early Life and Education

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey, United States. Pulier has always had a passion for computers and computer programming, since he was a young boy. With help from his parents, Pulier established his first company before he was through with high school education. The company was a database computer company. After completing his high school education, Pulier joined the Harvard University.

Career Life

After his graduation, Eric Pulier worked as an editor before relocating to Los Angeles in 1991. Once in Los Angeles, Pulier started another company known as People Doing Things. This new company specialized in such things as education and healthcare. Later on, he established the Digital Evolution—an interactive agency that merged with US Interactive in 1988. Pulier is also believed to have played a significant role in the formation of Starbright World—a popular, private social network.

In 1997, Eric was nominated by the US Presidential Inaugural Committee to create and execute a presidential Technology Exhibition. Over the years, the business man has accomplished a lot. For instance, he is the co-founder of Service Mesh, Inc. He has also served in various positions in the past; he once was the president for Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation and the general manager for CSC Australia Pty. Ltd.

In addition to being a successful investor, Pulier is also a reputable philanthropist. He is said to have contributed large sums of money towards noble causes, across the world.

John Goullet Efforts to Improve IT Services

Recently, John Goullet was appointed as the principal executive of Diversant LLC. This firm specializes in the provision of staffing and IT solutions for a large variety of firms. Some of the major services provided by Diversant LLC include IT staff augmentation, direct hire and diversity solutions among others. This firm is fully certified as a minority owned business enterprise and is the largest Africa-American owned firm that specialized in IT solutions in the United States.

Through a consultative approach, employees working for Diversant LLC are in good position to understand client’s unique needs and develop better solutions that guarantee maximum satisfaction. One of the factors that have contributed to the success of this firm is diversity. Diversification has gone a mile ahead to create a wide range of solutions for clients thus maintaining good relations.

Services Provided

Being a successful staffing agency, Diversant recruits individuals with different abilities and capacities to work for various businesses. This firm uses unique personal approaches to screen potential clients and find the best solutions that suit their needs. Very technological ideas are implemented to find better solutions for different problems that tend to arise from time to time. Diversant LLC not only recognizes the clients but also the partners and the community within the working environment.

Management of the Firm

This great firm is led by a team of experienced specialists that include John Goullet who serves as the chairman and the principal executive. Being a seasoned and talented IT specialist, John has played an important role in the development different successful ventures. Mr. Goullet began his lifelong career as an IT consultant and thereafter raised the bar to working as an IT staff. Later on in 1994, he founded Info Technologies a firm that specialized in the provision of IT staffing solutions. Info Technologies served Fortune 500 firms across the nation. In 2010, Diversant Inc., merged with Info Technologies to officially form Diversant LLC.

Why Is Crystal Hunt An Important Hollywood Figure?

Crystal Hunt is an important Hollywood figure on more than one front. She is a girl who started on daytime TV where she was able to land very big roles on her shows. She became a fixture that people were used to seeing on their TVs, and then she caught the attention of people who were casting Hollywood movies. Her Hollywood movies now include Magic Mike XXL where she was able to be the girl who helps make the story more interesting. Her turn in Magic Mike XXL was a big deal for her, and it gave her a chance to star in a new reality show with other actresses.

Queens of Drama is a show that only has female actors trying to write and produce their own show. Their show is going to be something where they can all star, write and produce. Crystal Hunt is becoming a famous person that will be on all sides of the camera, and she is someone who is going to be able to extend her career because she will be on all sides of the camera even after the best roles are no longer there.

She can write and appear in her new show once it gets picked up, and she will also be in a place where she can still act if she wants to. She will always have influence, and that is why this is a good time to watch Crystal Hunt. People who see her today will remember her decades from now when she is still working.  And make sure to join her fans on her Facebook profile.

Securus Technologies Keeps Family Lines of Communication Open

Whenever we construct a picture of prisoners and their families, there is a tendency to imagine a young prisoner and his mother or siblings. But sadly those who commit crimes are often part of a nuclear family and the children must suffer the ridicule of their unfortunate situation by their playmates and other kids in their circles. The result is that the children often place the blame on their father for his elimination from the family. Securus Technologies allow for an audio and video connection between families and those guilty of criminal offenses and who are paying their debt to society by serving time as the penalty phase for the crime committed. Securus has revolutionized communication between those behind bars and their attorneys, family, and friends. Securus used a network of available technologies to keep the familial bonds intact between prisoners and especially their children and other family members. The once odious travel to prisons, often located long distances from home, has now been eliminated and replaced by Securus audio and video communications.
The effects of this technology can be seen in a short Vimeo production here. This video is a heart-wrenching portrayal of a father trying to stay in communication with his toddler. The efforts made possible by Securus can form a bond between father and daughter that would not exist before Securus.
Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 to provide supplies and communication services to prison facilities. The company has its main office in Dallas, Texas. Regional offices are located in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Securus has contracts with 2,600 prison facilities in the United States of America and employs 1,000 persons.
Securus recently announced that it had invested more than $600 million in technologies, acquisitions, and patents in the previous three years of operations to make their products available at reasonable prices.
Sources: Securus Wikipedia
While crimes and imprisonments will remain a part of our culture until the end of time, communication technologies like those put in place by Securus Technologies can help to repair the damages done by the criminal acts of family members.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.