Georgette Mulheir: Violence in Haiti is not Getting better

The international community is worried because of the growing violence in Haiti. Georgette Mulheir has noted an increase in the state-sponsored gangs that have continued to cause havoc in the lives of ordinary people. The authoritarian president in Haiti has not helped in handling the process and saving lives. The opposition is not happy about the gangs, and they have tried to speak out while they fear for their lives. Georgette Mulheir wants the best for the Haitian people, and she has spoken for the people for a very long time. Georgette Mulheir helps in running various humanitarian organizations based in Haiti, and this explains why she knows everything in this part of the world. Three years ago, one of the most famous gang leaders in the country, Jimmy Cherizier masterminded and led an attack on one of the major cities. The police carried out an internal investigation.

This investigation showed that many people were killed. Children, men, and women were shot and their bodies were given to pigs and dogs. During the famous Port au Prince attack, many women were set on fire and raped by the gangs. This was happening when the husbands were watching helplessly. Children watched while their mothers were being tortured. The killers of the gangs taking part in this violence were cruel in all ways. Their cruelty was worse because they killed infants while carrying out their criminal activities. Not much has been done when these gangs kill innocent people and leave families with so much damage. The country does not have an ideal constitution in place, and this has only been making the situation in the country deteriorate. The police, instead of helping people and imprisoning the gangs, have also been part of the crimes. The Haitian judiciary does not give tough imprisonment to people who are found guilty of crimes too. Read More.