Caroline Black and Dechert: A Perfect Match

Dechert LLP is a firm that most people have probably never heard of, but would be interested in it once they did. Although the name itself doesn’t provoke much excitement,however,even LLP’s can be deceiving. Especially since an accomplished defense attorney such as Caroline Black was able to help shape it into a business that’s dedicated to tirelessly fighting against corporate corruption and greed (Laptrinhx). 


Dechert LLP white collar law firm  was originally founded in Philadelphia in the late 1800’s and since then has expanded to London, England where Caroline works.  Attorney Caroline Black, with the help of her colleagues, has been able to transform the firm into the perfect model of how to investigate white collar crimes. Dechert LLP has established a rapport with a multitude of law enforcement agencies that work in tandem with the firm’s investigators and attorneys to solve very sophisticated crimes like money laundering and corporate fraud. Dechert law firm was founded by Wayne MacVeagh and George Tucker Bispham. Today, the law firm has over 900 lawyers who practice many different kinds of law that include finance and real-estate, corporate and securities.


Caroline Black should be considered as one of the great pioneers who paved the way to perfecting the best investigative techniques in uncovering corporate malfeasance. Simultaneously, she has always been successfully protecting the rights of innocent employees. Caroline Black is a motivated, cool headed, ingenious woman who’s truly dedicated the last ten years of her life towards public service. Over the years, she has been honored with several awards by her colleagues such as being ranked as one of the top female investigators in the world.With the financial insecurities most of us face in this world of uncertainty,I can sleep better at night knowing that Ms. Black is doing her job.


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