Desiree Perez at the top of Roc Nation

As a child that came into my own musical tastes in the 1990s, it is hard not to be familiar with Roc Nation. One of the founders, Jay-Z, with “The Blueprint” and “The Black Album” helped me define what I loved about hip-hop along with several others. Another founder and dedicated member of Roc Nation was and is Desiree Perez. As one of the five founding members of Roc Nation, Desiree Perez has been with the company since its inception in 2008. With offices ranging from New York to London, availability on all social media platforms, and a large stable of labels and artists it would be hard not to be familiar with the media giant at this point.

Desiree Perez describes her employment as a whirlwind as the giant grew around her. As she learned different aspects of the business, the team of five that started the company had grown into hundreds of employees across the nation and now the globe. Though she earned the title of CEO in 2019, Ms. Perez had spent more than ten years as the Chief Operating Officer. During that time, she honed her skills, worked with and through her experiences both personal and professional and turned the corner on the profitability of Roc Nation.

Is Desiree Perez satisfied? She is, but only in part. As any person who has driven himself or herself, others around them, and a company she has not taken her eyes off the new horizons that keep presenting themselves. The newest project, Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment seeks to make a larger mark on television and film by both sharing experience and encouragement with new female music executives. To quote Ms. Perez “We have to support each other and help each other advance. If we come together, we can’t we stopped.”