Ross Levinsohn, Leader of Maven

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn’s career in the American media, communications and technology industries has been long and successful. More than 35 years ago, his first job was an entrepreneurial effort. In 1985, he and a fellow graduate of American University’s broadcast communications department founded a production firm. It was a success, and the experience would lead Levinsohn to choose the entrepreneurial route several times in the future.

Early on in Levinsohn’s career, he also spent many years at HBO’s Time Warner Sports as a marketer and at SportsLine as a producer. He also spent a couple of years at Alta Vista, but the bursting of the internet bubble led him to turn back to sports production and management. He moved on to Fox Interactive Sports Media in 2001, eventually leading the entire company as its CEO in 2004.

In 2006, Ross Levinsohn met a fellow entrepreneur, James Heckman. The two saw that there was a lot of money in the internet, and they started a digital ad service. Their company blossomed, and Yahoo bought it from them in 2010. The board of directors asked Levinsohn to serve as an interim CEO in 2012 because it saw that he did well as its Americas division president the previous two years.

Through the middle of the 2010 decade, Levinsohn started a couple of enterprises of his own. He also ran a variety of companies, including Tribune Interactive, Guggenheim Media, Boston Consulting Group and more. Levinsohn also gave back to American University, serving on its advisory board.

In 2019, Heckman contacted Levinsohn with an executive opportunity at Sports Illustrated Media. Heckman’s business, Maven, had just purchased the rights to it. Levinsohn looked forward to partnering with Heckman again. He made updates to the editorial and content departments of Sports Illustrated during his two-year tenure.

Heckman announced his retirement plans in 2020. During the tumultuous year, he knew that Maven would need a proven leader to carry it through the tough times. Heckman turned to Ross Levinsohn. As of August 2020, Levinsohn became Maven’s new CEO. Levinsohn has added more funding partners and grown Maven’s visibility.