Asot Michael on Dynamics of Leadership

Asot Michael, tracing his roots notably a political family, has held a soft spot for politics to make changes for those he represents. Though he later came to parliament, he served the government in various capacities. He extensively showed his zeal and responsibility given unto him through various positions held in the government. He served for the longest time under the guidance of prime minister Lester Bryant Bird. Though he earned his favor among the residents of Antigua and Barbuda, Asot Michael always represented the interests of his residents through many different projects in different sectors. Education is key to the future of many vulnerable families; through his efforts to make education accessible, he has managed to equip learners with suitable resourceful materials and make their learning conditions better by remodeling their infrastructure. 


Schools from his constituency have benefitted from their member of parliament. Most residents have also seen their leader come to grace on different occasions to support various endeavors in his constituent. He has shown his humble demeanor and the need to engage with the locals during events like sports day, funerals in the area, among many others. Asot Michael is aggressive in the parliament, especially in representing the people’s interests, especially in bill amendments. It has motivated many locals, primarily through their vocal nature, to state that they are not pinned on more taxes by the government. 


It has been highly attributed to the growth of the locality growth, with the Member of Parliament taking credit for excellent performance in his constituency. He has been regarded as a good infrastructure service provider in hospitals and other sectors, taking an upward scale under his term. He has also challenged stronger relationships through his grit through different countries and his country through mutual political partnerships. Asot Michael and his leadership at the parliament has come in handy with other responsibilities, including representing interests as the Minister of investment and Trade. He has acknowledged special days of the year, including Easter, among others to his residents with moving tributes and also support. Asot Michael has created his portfolio for the less privileged society, with a mission to care and love.

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