Choose Beachbody for More Self-confidence

ShakeologSelf-confidence is a commodity that waxes and wanes in relation to a person’s overall wellness. When a person is overweight or obese, they often lose some of their sense of confidence. Carl Daikeler is on a mission to change that with his Beachbody program. Daikeler’s career started with a type of digital storytelling. He created enthralling shows for halftime events during games of the National Football League. He followed these years with nearly a decade in the infomercial industry. It was the infomercial industry that showed Daikeler that he could provide a critical service that would not only help people regain their self-confidence, but also enjoy a lifetime of better health.

In 1998, Carl Daikeler chose a business partner in Darin Olien, and together they founded Beachbody. The program started off as a small set of exercise videos. Consumers could order the DVDs and enjoy a convenient workout at home any time. People loved these workouts. The DVDs were affordable, and minimal equipment was required for a person to get the most out of each workout. It wasn’t long before Daikeler and Olien were producing new workouts at a rate of a couple dozen per year.

Carl Daikeler has also made a point to include proper nutrition in his own life. Although he’s not keen on vegetables, he recognizes their importance in a healthy and balanced diet. Because so many people have busy lifestyles and just don’t have the time to cook a meal from scratch, they often turn to fast food. A typical fast food meal has few to no vegetables. Daikeler created Shakeology in 2009 in order to combat the nutritional deficits in American diets.


Shakeology is a powerful protein powder with a big nutritional benefit. It contains a minimum of 16 grams of protein in one serving. Each serving also contains a lot of fiber, and these two ingredients help a person feel full. Shakeology’s rich flavors curb cravings for sweets, too. When Beachbody and Shakeology are used together, a person has a greater level of success at losing weight and keeping off those extra, unwanted pounds.