Pam Baer Outstanding Community Worker

Pam Baer is well-known as a philanthropic and community worker. Over the years she has been involved and lending her energy to many causes. She has been a driving force to help solve the problems of the most vulnerable people in our communities. One of her main involvements is with behavioral and mental health in the public healthcare system.

Baer was born in Texas. There she studied in Austin at the University of Texas. She later moved to New York City where she was involved in the financial sector as a brand marketer. Baer started her own direct marketing company. Her company was focused on financial customers and business-to-business transactions.

She married Larry Baer, the CEO of San Francisco Giants. Pamela Baer then sold her company and relocated to San Francisco. There they continue to live with their four children. In San Francisco, Pam Baer shifted her focus to philanthropy. She got involved in several charitable causes and organizations. She serves on many boards and in trustee positions.

Her involvement includes positions at Jewish Women’s Giving Circle and The Contemporary Jewish Museum. She is also involved with Every Mother Counts, Nest, and Family House. In 2002 she joined San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. And immersed herself in the charitable work of the foundation.

Pam Baer’s involvement and leadership in the San Francisco Hearts Project have been outstanding. Under her guidance, the Foundation raised funds for the hospital each year. It auctioned local designs of heart sculptures. It is her vision is to build on the success of the project. And continue with the involvement of the community in San Francisco. The project has been a success and the funds raised have surpassed $17 million. Baer served as a member of the foundation’s board for 16 years. The board of the foundation has named her Lifetime Director at the end of her service there. See related link for more information.


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