The Mind of Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona, CEO of Smartfit and Bio Ritmo sat down for an interview, this is a summary of the things that he has shared. In this interview he talks about his life before the fitness business, about his previous businesses and career. He gives insight into what has made him so successful for so long. What you will quickly see is that he gives no nonsense commonsense advice that is applicable to anyone who is chasing a dream, working towards a goal, and who is willing to do the work.

I Always Stayed Busy

I always stayed busy, said Edgard Corona when speaking about his early days. He mentioned how he always had ideas and was always involved in some sort of business. From helping his family run a sugar mill, to studying chemical engineer and owning a lab, he was always in the business world. He was pretty much built for this life.

Why Fitness?

Why not fitness! It was a pretty new industry in the country, not too many people were involved, and the nation had not yet had the fitness bug, Edgard Corona recalls. It was basically just him and an already established gym in his area. He knew that he could offer something better.

The Right People

Early on, Edgard Corona knew that he would need the right people and expert advice. He was having trouble maintaining his members because industry wide most people quit their gym membership after 90 days. He consulted with an American who was an expert in the fitness industry, and they worked to increase the low conversion rate of 10% to over 30% while maintaining members for an extended amount of time.

Change Is thine Pal

Embracing change, even if it means dismantling one business to grow an even larger one is something that Edgard Corona did to shape Smartfit into what it is today. What is it today? A business with 480 locations, 1.8 million members and over 1 billion in revenue. Go Here for related Information.