Jason Hughes Works with Commercial lease restructuring Clients

Jason Hughes is the owner, and CEO of Hughes Marino, a firm that specializes in tenant relations and law. The Hughes Marino team is extremely experienced in lease restructuring law and works to represent businesses in lease restructuring negotiations. Jason Hughes has even been instrumental in changing lease restructuring law in San Diego. He pioneered a bill that was passed into law in 2014 requiring commercial lease restructuring property owners to be more transparent with commercial property tenants. 


Hughes always knew he wanted to study law, but it wasn’t until he began working that he realized that commercial tenants were not well represented in San Diego. Jason began working in commercial lease restructuring in the 1980s when he was working at Cushman & Wakefield. After moving away from San Diego, Jason Hughes decided to return to his hometown and founded Hughes & Marino. Now he has been helping corporate and non-profit organizations find their best lease restructuring negotiations and lease options. He has worked in lease restructuring for about 30 years now and has encountered almost every type of problem out there. 


Today, Jason and Shay Hughes are influential in lease restructuring contracts, negotiations and financing. Hughes Marino is currently the largest lease restructuring tenant law firm in the Southern California area. Over the 30 years he has been in business, Jason Hughes has helped contract commercial lease restructuring leases or helped purchase commercial lease restructuring for his clients. He negotiates highly complex transactions, manages early negotiations and contracts for his clients. He also performs loan negotiations, office, hotel and condominium purchases for his clients. 


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