Jake Medwell and Loren Smith

In a thrilling interview between Jake Medwell and Loren Smith, they discussed the advancement of trucking technology that can be expected to occur anywhere within five to ten years.

Ever since the Obama Administration, there has been a huge surge in technology advancement in factory, healthcare, and safety technology. The next stop on the road will be with trucks. Namely, those that carry and supply goods all around the country.

The main focus on getting the trucking technology up to par has to do with human interaction. For the most part, scientists and engineers have figured out how to create a self-driving 18-wheeler. The next step is to get AI on board with human interactions that we would normally simulate while driving. This also includes programming a truck to follow all laws including stop signs and traffic lights. Smith adds that to ensure maximum safety for drivers on the road, there is a lot of regulation and safety testing to be continued.

Smith estimates that by 2030 autonomous vehicles(AV)such as trucks will be “essentially autonomous” with a human still inside to make sure everything runs smoothly, and by 2040 we will most likely see full AVs with no humans inside.

Smith also goes on to say the full AVs will lead to a reduction in insurance costs. If companies are able to reduce expenses they are more likely to adopt these new technologies, allowing for the companies to hire more people with the new money they are saving.

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