Haroldo Jacobovicz Emulates Parents, Creates Three Companies, Connects Brazilians

From his infancy, Haroldo Jacobovicz loved seeing innovations. Perhaps, his upbringing gave him the opportunity, which doesn’t usually present itself to many people. For him, although he was still a boy, Haroldo Jacobovicz was convinced that all he wanted to do was to become like his parents. In due time, the young man went to Parana Federal University to study civil engineering, a course and profession that his parents had and enjoyed at that time. However, a few things changed when the young Haroldo arrived at university. While here, the love for IT exceeded the urge to do simple civil engineering. Nonetheless, he preferred to study civil engineering majoring in IT.

Haroldo Jacobovicz was particularly curious on transforming various innovations, which according to him would bring substantive change in the world. To be able to turn his passion into a profession, Haroldo Jacobovicz started reading IT books, newspapers, pamphlets, manuals and anything he’d find. He also knew that people had luck. However, he was also aware that luck doesn’t come and befell anybody. Hard work was needed. Aware of these things, Harold studied hard and finally graduated with a degree in civil engineering. When still in school, the young man met a friend who together, set up a small logistics business. By the time he left college, Haroldo had learned many things.

He started to work for several companies before founding Horizons Telecom a company he used for many years to connect large government offices as well as premium private companies to fiber optic internet. In due time, the flamboyant civil engineer was able to bring together a team of industry experts some of whom he was in school with and enough resources to run his company. Today, after several years of experience, Haroldo is the owner of three companies that help connect Brazilians to the fiber network. The three companies are Horizons Telecom, e-Governe, and Horizons Datacenter.