Dr. Jejurikar’s Office Offers Breast Reduction for Men

Dr. Sam Jejurikar began his career in plastic surgery as a student at Michigan University Medical School. He has over a decade of experience from his residency in the Michigan hospital community including his practice in Dallas, Texas where he currently provides plastic surgery procedures. He is a current member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and holds licenses in this field with both Michigan and Texas medical organization.


Dr. Jejurikar performs select medical procedures for his clients. One of these plastic surgery needs include breast reduction for men called Gynecomastia. Many men seek plastic surgery to remove the fatty tissue from their chest area because of embarrassment or just a desire to redesign their torso.


  • Liposuction – removal of fatty tissue.
  • Ultra-sound Assisted Liposuction – used when area is not as fatty and firm.
  • When necessary, a surgical removal of excess fatty tissue may take place prior to a liposuction procedure.


Patients should be prepared to experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort for a less than a week once the surgery has been performed. Dr. Jejurikar advises his patient to wear a compression garment after surgery. The period of time a patient will wear the garment will depend on how much tissue was removed and the ability of the patients skin to adjust and tighten around the new look. Read more about Dr. Jejurikar