Why Private Investors and Institutions Consider Fortress Investment Group

Based in New York City, Fortress Investment Group LLC provides capital in the form of debt and equity to sponsors and middle-market companies in a wide range of industries. Since its founding in 1998, Fortress has raised over $20 billions of equity capital, invested more than $14 billion in private equity, credit, real estate, infrastructure, and real assets, and invested more than $1 billion in private debt and public equities. Fortress manages a range of investment products that seek to provide liquidity, long-term growth, and absolute returns to investors.

Fortress Investment Group offers investing strategies to its clients, including co-investments with other institutions and individuals. The firm offers solid investment strategies and diversified asset classes across a variety of different strategies, which would give you an opportunity to invest in opportunities at a time when other money managers are cutting back on offerings. Here are some advantages you can find through investing in Fortress Investment Group:

• Superior investment portfolio — The investment portfolio of Fortress consists of various different asset classes, which provides an opportunity for diversification and provides diversified investment portfolios.

• Accurate investment strategies — Fortress Investment Group has a combined experience of over 160 years in the investment industry and is an investment firm that has a proven ability to predict the financial markets.

That’s what makes Fortress Credit unique. It’s not a growth stock, rather it offers a simple income vehicle in a recessionary environment and retains the upside potential that an investment in growth stocks often carries. That said, if the economic recovery continues, the New York Fortress will be a strong beneficiary. Fortress Credit manages a range of credit and fixed income products for institutions, high net worth individuals, family offices, and managed accounts.

Firm’s team: Our activities are predominantly focused on credit-oriented strategies, primarily private credit. Our investment process focuses on transactions with the potential for a return within 12 months or less. We target investments in primarily senior secured loans, including first-lien and subordinated debt as well as direct lending opportunities. Our credit experience is primarily derived from debt investments in small and medium sized companies. The majority of our credit investments are collateralized by loans to private-equity backed or direct lending companies, oil and gas companies, and real estate investment trusts.