Alddo Molinar Emphasizes the Need for Good Health Care

Health is one of the most important aspects of leading a fulfilled and happy life. A healthy body will allow you to carry on with the daily routines of life smoothly. Therefore, governments must invest in healthcare and hospitals so that their people can have access to treatment when required. Medicine is also considered one of the most challenging careers. The human body is complex, and having trained doctors is essential. Alddo Molinar is one of the best-known doctors in the United States. He is an anesthesiologist currently based in East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center. 


His interest in becoming a medical doctor started from an early age after seeing the suffering his grandparents went through. He vividly remembers when his grandmother had cancer and the pain and agony during her treatment period. He could see as the terminal disease robbed her life from her, which stuck with him. Alddo Molinar, later on, joined a health clinic in Texas where he volunteered by helping patients and their families through various illnesses, and this service gave meaning to his life. Therefore, his life experiences informed his decision to join the University of Texas in Dallas. 


Dr. Alddo Molinar on Mental Health


Here, he studied medicine and completed his residency by training at the Cleveland Clinic. Throughout his career, anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar has learned very important values in life. His goal of alleviating people’s pain has come to pass and has given hope to many people by offering quality treatment. Up to now, Alddo Molinar believes that good doctors are not just made through training but also through an innate need to help people. Doctors also need to constantly better themselves and learn since schoolwork cannot teach you everything. 

Doctors should attend training on the mutation of diseases and new treatment methods. Governments also need to invest in good quality hospital equipment to help supplement the doctor’s efforts. More doctors also need to be employed to help cater to patients. Alddo Molinar believes that some diseases like cancer can be treated before they get too complex with the right training and equipment. He also believes having a good team that supplements your efforts will help eradicate these diseases. Alddo Molinar says his career greatly fulfills him, and he will continue to offer the best treatment to his patients.