Du Shuanghua The Most Influential Entrepreneur in China

Du Shuanghua is a steel magnate and the Chairman of Rizhao Steel Holding Group, one of China’s largest private steel manufacturers. As one of China’s most successful entrepreneurs, he has won many honorary titles from Rizhao Steel. Du is also a philanthropist whose donations have supported youth causes. Du Shuanghua also founded the People’s Republic of China on the Steel Group, which donated 15253 Yuan.

Formation Of Rizhao Steel.

The strategic location of Rizhao in the southern part of China makes it an ideal place for steel manufacturers. Rizhao Steel is a range of steel products developed in China. Steel produces a range of different grades of steel with various properties, such as quality, price, strength, and corrosion resistance. Rizhao Steel is primarily known for producing low-cost stainless steel. The types of steel in Rizhao Steel can be broken down into two categories, premium quality and cheap. The premium quality steel can cost approximately 15 times more than the affordable steel. The premium quality steels are used for high-end products and are usually treated with stainless steel. Low-cost steels are used in lower-end products and do not usually have the after-treatment.

The Sale Of Rizhao Steel In 2010.

In 2010, the sell-off of Du’s 33% ownership stake was not part of the 2009 plan; instead, under the original 2009 idea, Rizhao Steel was to merge with Shandong Iron & Steel, with a merger followed by restructuring. The restructured business was 67% owned by the Shandong Steel Group and 33% by Du Shuanghua. Read More about Du Shuanghua


Du continues to move his company forward and bring the whole along. His competitors want to keep up with what he’s doing by working more effortlessly, which keeps him putting more energy and leading ahead of them. Finally, the competition benefits everyone, especially the customers and workers who get great value from the improvements in the industry.