Marwan Kherieddine

Marwan might be the chairman of AM Bank right now but a lot of his fans have no idea how he was able to pull that off. That’s why he sat down to talk about how he got to where he is right now & where he sees himself in the next ten years of his career. He was born in the capital of Lebanon on February 14, 1968 where he proved to have a knack for the world of finance from a young age. He did well in high school which is how he was able to get a full ride to Richmond University when he graduated. It was here that he opted to major in business administration as well as economics. As soon as he was done with all of his class work, he went on to grad school where he pursued his MBA at Columbia. As soon as he turned his back on his academic career, he went on to serve on the board of the beirut stock exchange. In this role he served as the financial advisor to the chairman & he was also part of the board of the association of banks of lebanon. He also took a job as one of the lecturers over at the american university of beirut for more than 20 years. In 2005, he was asked to join the AUB’s board of trustees & he humbly accepted this honor. He served in the role until 2012 at which point he opted to join the american community school of lebanon’s board of trustees. For 3 years, he also served as a minister of state in the government & he was honored to have been chosen for such a role. As he looks to the future, he hopes to keep doing philanthropy. Connect on Linkedin to see full profile of Marwan Kheireddine