Josh Garza on John Bohman's Influence

It is different for people, especially drummers, to consider John Bonham as an inspiration and entirely different for their playing to channel the principal features of Jonh’s unique sound.

New York City Secret Machines’ John Garza, who recently made his self-titled 3rd album, spent about 20 years studying John Bonham’s seminal technique and employing it in his style.

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According to Josh Garza, the way Hendrix played his guitar and the way John Bonham played his kit are similar to how John Bonham played his kit in the same manner that John Bonham played his kit.

Josh Garza believes that the size of his drums has a lot to do with John Bohman’s kit.

He explained this while referring to Bohman’s Tama kit, which entails 2-16 inches floor toms, a fourteen inches rack tom, and a twenty-eight-inch bass drum.

Josh went ahead to explain that he borrowed the idea for the tuning from these kits after learning that John Bogam tuned his kits high, the way big-bad drummers do.

Josh added that on his kick, the batter head is tuned tight and high, while the resonant head is full of juice and loose.

Despite the similarities, Josh Garza acknowledges that his drumming and Bonham differ.

He claims that even though they come from the same school, his drumming doesn’t sound exactly like John’s sound.

Josh disclosed that one of his secret weapons is digging deep, finding the cannon sound, turning it up, and avoiding getting scared.

He believes that’s what has made him a successful drummer.

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