Abrdn Recap

ABRDN, the global investment company, is poised for a return to the FTSE 100 index following the publication of its financial results. The company deals in stocks, bonds and derivatives covering a range of sectors and expects increased trading activity and growth in UK markets to drive continued revenue growth.

ABRDN Portfolio

ABRDN is a global specialist in investment products. The company’s portfolio is a blend of individual equities and managed portfolios. This allows the manager to take a broader view of UK markets and avoid over-diversification while considering all market risks and returns.

ABRDN offer their customers services in four main areas. These are; investment management, risk management, fiduciary services and third-party fund administration. The company is focused on promoting these services and continues developing its IT infrastructure to support its growth.

ABRDN invests a significant portion of its funds in equities and bonds. The company has made its proportion of assets in derivatives more flexible through the introduction of risk parity products. This involves spreading risk around the portfolio with a set amount allocated to each group of assets.

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FTSE 100; A Brief Overview

The FTSE 100 benchmark index includes the UK’s largest and most widely held companies. The index was created in 1984, and the FTSE Group calculates it. It is based on the market capitalization of these companies, and it does not take into account any debt or cash holdings of these companies.

The United Kingdom is currently one of the world’s leading financial capitals. FTSE 100 offers companies a way to raise international awareness of their business, and the market provides securities for investors to purchase. ABRDN can aid the growth of the UK investment sector by further promoting its services to the financial community.

ABRDN is looking to capitalize on the potential of the UK market and has positioned itself to provide international investors with access to a wide range of products and services.